Top five business ventures in India

The nineties have ushered in a new era in the history of the Indian business market. The new economic policies, introduced in the year July 1991 completely changed the popular perception about the Indian market. Exposure to new age media, like the television and internet has largely helped in transforming the taste and aspiration of the population. It has majorly affected the rural India in particular. Coupled with expansion in communication and infrastructural facilities, prosperity among the overall population has forced in rising demands for personal items and various lifestyle products in particular.

Based on a recent list released by a top business magazine of India, out of the top 47 Indian companies, thee best known are Hero Honda Motors, Bharat Petroleum, Tata Motors, reliance Industries ltd and State Bank of India.

Bharat Petroleum: It is a leading energy company that has established global presence through prolonged aggressive development and high profitability. It is considered to the best in Indian petroleum industry. Some of their epoch making concepts are Petro card, Fleet Card etc. It was as early as in the year 1886 that the quest for oil began in India. The company today produces a variety of products, from petrochemicals and solvets to aviation fuel and lubricants for special purposes. It supplies fuel to hundreds of industries and many international and national airlines. It is one of the pioneer producers of petroleum in the country.

Hero Honda Motors: It is a motorcycle and two wheeler, scooter manufacturer company initiated in India. They began their journey in the year 1984 by joining hand with Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan. Today it is the largest two wheeler maker in India. It has three manufacturing sites based in Gurgaon, Dharuhera and Haridwar. Together these three plants successfully produce 3 million bikes in a year. They have several service stations spread all over India.

Tata Motors: Today Tata Motors is fourth largest truck manufacturer of the world market. They are also known for the manufacturing best buses and Tata has achieved the third position in the world market as a quality bus manufacturer. Today they also have produced many commercial vehicles suitable for each segment. They have best passenger cars in all three segments, namely, compact, midsize and utility vehicle category.

Reliance Industries ltd : The epoch making Indian conglomerate which was founded by Dhirubhai Amabani and this company has successfully experienced a turnover of about US$ 35.9. He believed in energy value chain. Today it ranks among the top ten petrochemical producers of the world. The company’s subsidiaries are, Reliance Retail Limited and Reliance Petroleum Limited along with Reliance Industrial Infrastructure ltd.

State Bank of India: It is the leading Indian bank .The SBI offers banking services through its extensive network in India and overseas. They have more than 16,000 branches it accounts for the largest bank branch network in India. It offers special services like the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM Services, Demat Services, Corporate Banking, Agricultural Banking, Merchant Banking, Online services like online educational loan, online SME loan and many other banking services.

How to Tell You’re on Tilt & What to Do When You’re on Tilt

As most strategy articles will tell you it’s all about the profit you make in poker and in order to make the most amount of money you need to maximize profits and minimize your losses. A small part of playing poker on Full Tilt poker is dealing with your emotions at the table and being able to observe when you’re dealing with emotions. The term “tilt” is a commonly used word in poker and it refers to players who are playing with their emotions rather then skills. If you’re on tilt you not only need to be able to observe you’re on tilt, but you also need to be able to do something about it.

When you’re on tilt it’s the most prone time for you to lose a lot of money which could not only hurt your bankroll, but your bank account as well. In order to find out if you’re on tilt all you need to do is think about the emotions you’re feeling. If you’ve just lost a few buy-ins in one session and you’re having no luck and getting bad beats all the time then you’re probably going to feel pretty angry.

When you’re angry at the poker table this basically means that you’re on tilt and you’ll begin playing with your emotions of anger rather then playing the way you should be. You will stop thinking hands through properly and you’ll start chasing every hand possible in order to catch up from the bad beats.

A lot of the time when a player goes on tilt they could lose 2-5-10X what they would typically spend in a session before leaving the poker room and before qualifying for their full tilt bonus code. The only way to deal with tilt in poker is by walking away from the poker table and taking a break from the game for a little bit. If you’ve been playing poker for awhile then it’s often a lot easier to go on tilt because you could be a little worn out from playing the game so much. In order to minimize your losses you need to take a break from the game until you get the motivation back where you want to beat everyone you play against.

If you don’t take a long enough break from poker then you’ll often not be confident enough to play the game. When you aren’t confident you’ll often second guess yourself, and basically you won’t be playing your best poker game which is what you need to be doing when you’re playing with your own money. There is no set amount of time that you could place on your emotions for the game so it could take a week or it could take a couple months.

Once you feel confident about playing at party poker again and you have the drive to actually sit down and play the game you should head back to the tables and give it a shot. If you find you’re still playing on tilt then you should take a longer break, but if you start playing your best game again then you should start working on making the money back that you lose when you were on tilt, but remember keep your emotions out of the game and play with the skills you’ve learnt.

The list of the best places to start a business in India

India is a vast country. It has diversity in language, food and culture. People in the Northern part of the country are very different from tradition and culture of the people based in southern area. It also has drastic difference in the weather, in the northern most point we have cold Himalayas where as there is warm desert and deep blue sea on the other side. Life and culture of the people residing here is highly controlled by such weather and natural features. Hence once you have planned about a business in India, you must understand your target audience clearly and based on their taste you should decide the place.

Generally, if you have an FMCG (fast moving consumer good) item, then you can position it in all 7 metros. You may plan for location wise launch for e.g. north during first three months of the year then east, west and finally south. Plan your business according to your pocket. First frame a budget plan for the launch campaign and then move ahead with such activity.

You can start your business in Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru or Pune as per your preference, money and off course on your market research. Know about the city and its people very well before starting a business. If you know people and have known the work culture for ages, then also you need help for getting the license from the government offices and understand the accounts well. These are the backbone of any business. You need license first, then money and then customers to move your product or services.

Although apparently it seems that metros are the bet place to start the business, yet if you want to start a small business and have focused expectation from your money invested. You can start from any town or even a village. Suppose your product is an emergency light. Then you may establish your factory and business in a middle level town, where load shedding is a regular problem and people looks for economic products. It is here if you establish your business and manufacture the product also in the factory, the residents will have faith in your product and will also avail product on economic rate. Finally establish you’re after sale service properly so that they can rely on your service and boost your sale.

Starting a business is not an easy task. A lot of things must be kept in mind before planning out. One such main point is the right selection of the city. Therefore, as said earlier, depending on your nature and product or services of the business you must select the place. Do not forget the budget part. If you can plan for an all India based launch campaign, you may go for it. Otherwise, if you plan for any small scale business, then your product is your key to success. Check out the need of that product or services in the daily life on the people residing in that town, and then start its business. It will be accepted easily and comfortably.

H.O.R.S.E. Poker Mistakes

There is no doubt that when you start playing H.O.R.S.E. Poker you’re going to make some common mistakes that most new players make. In order to limit the mistakes that you make while playing H.O.R.S.E. Poker you need to first learn what mistakes are commonly made. I’ve come up with some of the most common H.O.R.S.E. Poker mistakes that I’ve seen while playing online HORSE Poker.

* The most common mistake new players make when playing H.O.R.S.E. Poker is that they have no idea how to play all five of the poker games. You need to be able to play Holdem, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, Razz and Stud Hi/Lo. If you don’t know how to play these five poker games then you’re going to face some challenges playing H.O.R.S.E. Poker. In a typical HORSE Poker game the game switches every time the dealer button goes around the table. This means you need to know how to play the five games or else you’re probably not going to win.

* If you’ve been playing poker for awhile and you’re new to H.O.R.S.E. Poker then you need to make sure you take advantage of your strengths. For instance, if you’ve played Texas Holdem on FullTilt Poker, and you’re good at that poker game then you should try playing more of the Texas Holdem hands since it’s your strength. Players who don’t take advantage of there strengths in H.O.R.S.E. Poker are missing out on the easy money and in most cases probably not making any money.

* Most new players who start playing H.O.R.S.E. Poker think that it will be like any other poker game. For instance, in Texas Holdem there are plenty of players who have no clue what they’re doing and therefore the competition is generally easy. When you start playing H.O.R.S.E. Poker your opponents are going to change and most players are experienced poker players. The competition has always been much tougher in HORSE Poker then most of the other games offered online. You can’t jump into a H.O.R.S.E. Poker game and start betting like crazy and bluffing because the players will catch on and trap you.

* In some of the download poker games that you’ll be playing like Stud and Razz you’ll be prone to chasing flushes and straights. You can’t get sucked into chasing too many draws because it will drain your bankroll and hurt your chances at winning any money.

* In games where your opponent’s cards are revealed throughout the hand you need to make sure you analyze those hands. Make sure the card you’re looking for isn’t already in one of your opponents hands because then you’re drawing dead. Most players don’t do this and it costs them money chasing cards that are already gone from the deck.

* Last but not least you should avoid your weak areas in H.O.R.S.E. Poker. Not every player is going to be a great player in all five poker games so make sure you try and avoid making any mistakes in the games you’re weak and uncomfortable playing in. The amount of mistakes you make in H.O.R.S.E. Poker will usually reflect how well you did during that session. Get the latest Poker Stars Download today and try out H.O.R.S.E. today for free.

Trapping in Poker

There is constant debate on many of the best online poker sites about whether or not you should try to trap your opponents. For most players, they look at a good hand and think that they can extract more chips from their opponent by trying to lure them in and trapping them in hopes of collecting a huge pot. While trapping can be effective in certain situations, most players who do not have extensive poker experience will try and trap more often than they should and often trap themselves instead. There are a number of different things that you can do to help prevent yourself from getting in the tragic position where the hunter suddenly becomes the hunted.

The first thing that you have to understand when you are trapping is that you cannot trap with a mediocre hand. Unless you are flopping one of the best poker hands possible for the current hand, “trapping” your opponent will not really be doing anything but getting you into trouble. For example, flopping top pair with a mediocre kicker is not a hand that you can even think about trapping with but players often try to trap with such a marginal hand. So many hands can beat top pair that giving your opponent more cards is just asking to give them your chips.

Your best bet is to play the cards that you actually have in your hand if your hand is in any way decent. Hands like top pair, top two, and other hands of similar quality, while good, do not warrant an attempt to trap unless the rest of the board is really weak or you know your opponent is really weak. Another important bit of details to keep in mind in considering trapping your opposition is where you are seated in relation to the button. In addition, we want to be mindful of the number of players we are playing against. The more people who are sitting across from you in the hand, the less likely that trapping is going to be effective and the more likely trying to trap will get you into costly trouble.

Knowing when to trap is equally as important as knowing when not to trap. Flopping the nuts is obviously a point when you should trap. If you flop something like the nut flush or an almost nut flush, nut straight, full house, quads, or even something like top trips, it is in your best interest to slow down and let the deck try to give your opponent something to chew in to keep them in the hand. Unless you are in a position where it is possible where your nut hands could be beaten by something better like a draw heavy board such as instances when you have three of a kind but there is the possibility that your opponent is four cards to a flush.

Trapping in poker can be a rewarding skill when used effectively and equally self destructive when used incorrectly. Being able to trap effective and avoiding the jaws of your own trap will result in more chips in your stack and a more respectable table image among your fellow players. By saving trapping for situations where it is almost impossible for your hand to be caught, your play results will improve.

Tips to fuel a small business in India

World market is changing very fast and so is India. India with its wide diversity, offers a fascinating scope to study the host of changes which developmental activities have brought about in its social and economic life of the people. Post independence it has emerged as one of the best markets in the world where any and every quality product is accepted.

Therefore to start a small business in India, you must go through the below mentioned tips;

1. Question yourself about the different value you will bring along with your new business: Do keep in mind that as an entrepreneur you are bridging between the desire of the users and the manufacturer. Ask questions like, what is it that you are offering? Is the product already available in the market? If yes why your one is special, and should be used by the customers based in India? To position your product well plan out a good marketing strategy in the competitive market. A good marketing strategy is your key to success.

2. Do SWOT analysis first: S- strength, W-weakness, O-opportunities and T-time. To position your product in the Indian market and to start a business this SWOT analysis is very important. In Indian market, this analysis helps a lot. People have different sentiments at different time. It also depends on their geographical location and festival sentiments. For e.g. Diwali is celebrated almost all over India, hence maximum number of films are released during that weekend. People go out with family and they need entertainment. Similarly since Diwali is the festival of gifts sharing, most companies launch their products, like electronic goods or apparels during this season.

3. Do market research and identify opportunity: For you new small business it’s always advisable to do a through market research that will help you understand the price, market, quality and timely delivery of the product or service. To get better result, and avoid any unwanted poker protest, you may hire a professional market research company and get your job done in a much better way. If you do not have much budget to spend on research, then at least frame the market research questions and then talk to your friends and their relative, contact as many person as you can and do a research so that you get a proper view of the clients expectation.

4. Frame a business plan: Work out a proper business plan. After you have thoroughly done the research now its time for an apt business plan. Write it down on a paper, mention the time you need to introduce the product, strategy of marketing the product, finances, revenues that you can earn by introducing your product or service in the market. If you need a loan then plan out the accounts part properly.

5. Marketing plan: Choosing the right marketing strategy is very essential in this competitive world. Plan out how much revenue you want to earn in a month. Write down the details and identify your monthly target properly. Use your resources well.

Win or Lose: Play Poker for Sheer Joy and a Delightful Time

If you can make quick money without sweating for it you would naturally go for it, provided there is nothing illegal. You may swear that you do not believe in gambling to make money by indulging in it. But, deep inside in you may have a craving for trying it at least on an experimental basis. It is such craving that has created cities like Las Vegas full of casinos of all sorts offering countless methods of betting in different games. Casinos started operating with slot machines, and then came the roulette and the card games. Play Solid Poker stands out as one of the most popular card games, even though in the initial stages it used to be limited to a few tough looking persons, who could easily hide their feelings. Other card games like Blackjack used to be preferred. Casinos also had to make special arrangements for playing poker away from the high decibel noise, ever prevalent in other part of casinos everywhere.

Poker usually consists of each player holding 5 cards. The right to deal cards rotates among the players. However, in a casino the house dealer handles the cards. To identify the player on whose behalf the dealer is handing out the cards some identifying mark is rotated among the players. This becomes necessary, because the betting started by the person sitting next on the left hand side of the dealer. Betting proceeds in a clock wise manner and players equal the initial bet, raise it or just withdraw from the game. This goes on till the predetermined number of rounds is completed, if in the end all the players have folded, the remaining players collects the entire amount. If more than one player remains in the final betting round the cards will have to be revealed and the pot goes to the player with best cards. This is the simplest form of poker in which a player gets 5 cards each.

There are several variants to poker game. The names and some details of play may differ from one another. But, the basic format of betting rounds is just the same in all cases. The various names are straight poker, stud poker, draw poker etc. These are classified according to the methods used for dealing of cards and betting. A common feature of all forms of poker is bluffing. This is possible because bets are called raise etc.; without revealing the cards and it is impossible to know the cards held by the person who is constantly is raising the bet. Other variants are community card poker, strip poker etc. Strip poker is funny game in which players who lose bets are obliged to remove their clothing.

Hold’em poker is at the moment the most popular form. Online poker has brought the game into all homes all over the country, making even women taking interest in the game. Live telecast of poker tournaments where celebrity play and in which everyone can participate, has contributed to game being brought to present level of high popularity.

6 Most popular sports in India

Apart from the rich culture and diverse arts presence, India has tremendous experience and has thrived in different sporting activities. Such activities include athletics, cricket, shooting, hockey, chess and many more. Besides, the country has respectable traditional sports such as boat racing, kushti and others. In India, sport is taken as part of the Indian entertainment, culture, traditions and even spirituality.

The most popular sport that has taken India to greater heights is cricket. Cricket is a religion and the Indian society is associated with the sport wherever they are across the world. The sport is played at all levels and ages starting from the grassroots up to a national level. The game has given rise to popular personalities in all aspects of the game. Unlike in other sports such as football, the sport has given rise to the popularity of coaches and even commentators.

A second most popular sport in India is Chess. India boasts of the invention in the game. Its innovation has popularized the game to a world class competition. A legend known as Vishwanathan Anand took the sport through the period known as obscurity and transformed it to an interesting and a world hit.

Indian chess is managed by The All India Chess Federation (AICF) which is the central administrative body. This body was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Bombay. Currently, the state of this game in the country is excellently good. In fact there are many gifted players in the country with some rating top ten in world chess competitions.

Another popular sport in India is football which is rated second to cricket. This game is played around the country and as even as a favorable sport in some states like Goa and west Bengal. Kolkata is regarded as the home of the Indian football.

Beside cricket, hockey is taken in India as another national sport. Though the country was under political suppression for many years, the spirit of the sport did not die with the intimidations. The Indian Hockey team proved to the world that it is a force to reckon with. In post independence era, the National Hockey Lions caused a lot of havoc to the top ranking opponents with their new found strength and vitality.

The fifth popular sport in India is Tennis, though this game was “exported” to India by the Englishmen, the Indian tennis team boasts of some world class admired players. The ideal tennis players in India have razor sharp playing concentration, stamina and superior agility in fighting spirit and high devoted sporting personality.

The last sport to mention here is the Indian athletics. Athletics in India dates back to the pre-colonial era where the Indian people engaged in various track and fields athletic events. Due to civilization, globalization and local development, India has seen many local athletic participants scoop global awards as witnessed in the recent London Olympics where Indian boxers emerged top.

This performance in addition has raised the expectations in other sports like marathon and high jump events in the upcoming 2012 Olympic events.

Online Poker Can Be Played On Various Internet Poker Websites

There are dozens of websites that host the poker game and you can select any of the sites for playing online poker. Many poker websites offer various attractive services to the poker players for the purpose of enticing them. Some poker websites also offer the scheme of rake back. Rate cards are used in the Mortar and Brick rooms for keeping the track of money and for paying their rake back. If you want to become the member of any poker website then you will have to pay some money to these sites. The rakeback money ensures the credibility of any poker website. The commission normally varies from 20-40%. These are the strategies that the various online poker sites adopt for the purpose of attracting the online poker players. Many incentives that are great for the poker players are offered for players for playing the online poker.

However, there are also some wall street sites that are bogus and you should be conscious while choosing any poker site for playing poker. Such sites have no credibility and don’t provide the incentives and quality services to the poker players regarding poker game. You can find poker review sites, like, that list the most trustworthy poker sites where you can play poker without any fear. It is better to pay an entry fee than playing poker on a fake poker website. There is no dearth of the great poker sites that provide the quality services without creating any problem for the players.

Due to the great tendency of the people towards the poker, various websites are now offering the attractive incentives. This is done for getting the maximum number of poker players but you are free to choose the most reliable poker site that can assure the quality services for playing online poker. On the other hand, some people like to play the poker traditionally and for this purpose they visit various casinos. They also make some money by playing poker there.

Due to the advancement in the modern technology, everyone is free to play poker or stake. If you don’t know that how to play poker then there is no need to get worried in this regard because there is no shortage of various poker sites that teach about playing poker. You can learn the basic principles of poker. There are also many books that are available in the market for the poker players.

These websites and books can assist you in the best way for playing poker and winning the handsome amount of money. By reading these books, you can be able to know the tactics of poker and hence it will surely help you in winning a sufficient amount of money. If you are doubtful or don’t have confidence for playing poker, you can play without money but when you are confident and think that you can win then you must play the real poker. If you have won money then the concerned poker site can pay you via cheque or bank transfer.

Top 5 reasons why you should visit India

India is an amazingly huge country with a variety of climatic conditions combined with diverse flora and fauna. Otherwise known as the cradle of the Indus civilization, India is known for its cultural wealth and heritage running back into the prehistorically times.

Taking a holiday in India will definitely be enriching and a memorable experience to those of you who are looking forward to spend some holiday or leisure time. This article highlights the six best reasons why visiting India is worth your time and money.

The first reason for visiting India should be to see The Taj Mahal. This is a white marble structure and world Heritage wonder that was voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal was build by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan as a present for his wife Mumtaj Mahal. The structure draws millions of tourist from across the world.

Secondly, India is a rich country when it comes to spirituality. It’s in here that renown saints including Buddha and Mahavira emerged and started the spread of spirituality. This is a country in which Hinduism is a way of life rather than just a religion.

There are many such holy and spiritual cities in India that will definitely enrich your spiritual insight. A good example is Varanasi cities which are cities located at the gates of the Holy Ganges. There are also holy rivers like the spiritual Sarawati River believed to be a source of salvation.

The third reason why India should be your next destination is the experience of Yoga. Yoga is known to originate from India. The rich experience in Yoga has attracted even celebrities around the world like Donovan in their search for spiritual satisfaction. Yoga is a physical and mental therapy by transforming the body and mind into a state self-balance.

The fourth reason is that a visit to India will enable you visit Rajasthan, which is known as the land of the fearless and brave Rajput princes. The dazzling views of Rajasthan include Jaipur, otherwise known as the “Pinky City”, Udaipur also known as the “City of Lakes”, the Jaisalmer also called “Golden City” and the Jodhpur referred to as “Blue City”.

An exclusive train service will take you through these destinations and will definitely leave you with memorable sights and sounds of these places. At the end of the day, your recreation of the ancient many gone years are priceless.

The last top reason you have to visit India is to have a close up contact with its Wildlife; India has diverse ecology inhabiting various animals and plants. Efforts have been successfully made to preserve the diversity of the animals and plants to ensure their continued survival. In addition, India has an amazing way of integrating the wildlife into human life without crisis.

For example, elephants are used for transport purposes even in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, a site that you can’t see anywhere around the world. The abundant sanctuaries are rated to be among the best in the world.